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Abisko Lapland

Winter Hike and Yoga in the Arctic Abisko

with Ulrica Norberg och Maria Söderholm

Lapland January 18-21, 2024

Imagine hiking in a snowy landscape in the wilderness of Lapland where everything is quiet and peaceful and the northern lights dancing in the sky.


For the third year in a row, Hikefulness-guides Ulrica Norberg and Maria Söderholm invite you to an inspiring winter hiking and yoga retreat in beautiful Abisko in Lapland, northern Sweden.


Winter hiking during the most aurora-rich time of the year is something quite extraordinary. The daylight is limited in January, so we will be hiking for a few hours and come back in the afternoon for yoga, followed by a sauna for those who wish. Dinner will be served at the Abisko Mountain Lodge, where we are staying the entire time. 

Hopefully we will experience the magical Northern Lights. Did you know that Abisko National Park is one of the best places in the world to watching the Northern Lights? Scientists believe that we are in a time when the Northern Lights increase around the Arctic Circle during the winter months.


We offer two day hikes, along the famous King’s Trail and the surroundings. One of the days we have two local guides with us who are very familiar of these mountain and can tell us about the life in Abisko. The hikes are of course adjusted according to weather and snow depth. Hiking in winter is more gentle to your body and is an excellent exercise. 


The Itinerary

Day 1
- Arrival and check-in
- Gathering in the afternoon at Abisko Mountain Lodge for a presentation and brief. 

- Dinner


Day 2
- Breakfast
- First hiking day. We check the weather etc. during breakfast, if it's ok, then we hike directly from the hotel to Stor-nebben, here you have a wonderful 360-degree view of the famous Lapporten, the lake Torneträsk and the surrounding mountains.
- Afternoon yoga
- Dinner, review of the next day


Day 3
- Same as day 2, but today we will hike part of the famous King’s Trail

Day 4
- Breakfast
- Check out

Good Bye!

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