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Yoga Nidra Retreat with Renu

Italy, May 20-26, 2024

Renu Invites you to Experience an Unparalleled LuxuryWellness Journey to Italy
“Life is an experience. Fulfillment of what you are doing comes not from the completion, but from the evolution in the experience of being present with where you are and what you are doing. When you are fully alive, your capacity to experience is total”
– Gurudev Shri Amritji

Daily Yoga and Yoga Nidra in a mesmerizing landscape, as well as delicious Italian food and wine tasting, this retreat is not only a treat for your soul, but also your taste buds.

Surrounded on three sides by the Alps, and the borders to Switzerland and France, you’ll find Piemonte. True to the meaning of its name (foot of the mountain), Piemonte is a land of mountains.



La Villa Madonna

La Villa Madonna is a personal and elegant boutique hotel located in Piemonte, in the northwest part of Italy. It is part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ (SLH) is the most desirable community of independently minded travelers and independently spirited hotels in the world. Each one is anti-chain and anti-same. SLH properties are able to offer secluded, intimate spaces in unusual places with the highest standards of luxury and guest wellbeing. The hotel is surrounded by marvelous nature and their own vineyard and wine cellar from the 17th century. In the kitchen at Villa La Madonna rests the heart and soul of the hotel. They offer tempting food experiences – everything provided within a unique environment and atmosphere. The chef specialize in cooking food from Piemonte and from the whole of Italy.


Villa La Madonna is owned by the Swedish sisters Marie and Annica. Villa La Madonna has been in the family’s possession for quite a while and now Marie and Annica have taken over the ownership. They are offering a fantastic experience for all visitors in the beautiful Piemonte area. Marie herself sums it up neatly: “Villa La Madonna is way too special to keep private or secret – it’s a place which deserves to be shared.”

The hotel offers tastefully decorated rooms, all in boho-chic style with a blend of contemporary design and vintage. All rooms have a terrace or a balcony and most of them have a stunning view over the vineyards surrounding the hotel.

At the hotel they describe the concept of ”wellness” like this: “it’s as much about attitude and mood as it’s a physical experience”. At Villa La Madonna “wellness” represents a complete experience embraced by wonderful nature and a relaxing atmosphere.

The nearest village is called Monastero Bormida, where you’ll find a charming catholic church, a few shops and cafés and a small local market on Thursdays. It’s a lovely 20 minute walk from the hotel or alternatively you can use one of the bikes (8 in total) that the hotel provides. Enjoy biking or walking between the wine fields that surround Villa La Madonna, take a tour of the village, enjoy a cappuccino or cold drink at the local bar or hike around the area and up to the famous big heart bench.

See this Instagram video by Villa la Madonna

About Piemonte

The region of Piemonte is famous for its wines and was added to Unesco’s World Heritage list in 2014. Piemonte is also home to the world famous Italian white truffle, one of the most expensive and appreciated delicacies and it’s here you’ll find the world’s truffle capital, Alba. In the little town of Bra, the concept “slow food” was born. Piemonte is also known for making famous cheeses such as Roccaverano, and for chocolate with among others, the well-known brand Nutella.

Only 15 minutes by car from the hotel we’ll visit the charming small Roman village Acqui Terme. The town is known for its curative waters and for its thermal baths. Here you’ll find the famous hot spring. The town’s cosy atmosphere is enhanced by its many shops, bars, excellent restaurants and cafés.

About the food

We will balance our day at the retreat with healthy, local food. Enjoy cuisine which combines creativity and flavors with a special attention to creating balanced meals. The colorful and tasty menus celebrate Piemonte.