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Maria's Pilates journey began in Los Angeles, CA many years ago. She was fortunate to live right by the beach. The beach was her “backyard” and her practice arena. Every morning, for years, she rolled out her yoga mat, greeted the ocean and started her practice of, what she said, was a combination of both Yoga and Pilates.
She loves to combine the Pilates technique of strengthening, mobility and precision with the mindfulness and flexibility aspect of Yoga. Both concentrate on breath work to connect mind and spirit to the body. 
She continued taking Pilates classes to learn more about this unique total body training system. In 2022, Maria met a physiologist/Pilates instructor who inspired her to get into the teaching program of Pilates matwork.
She has incorporated Pilates into her life for so long and now she’s helping others to find an appreciation for it on their own. She wants to help guide you on your journey and build a safe place for you to have the freedom to move in a way that feels good in your body.

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